Scot and Jenny's Cycling Adventures

Cycle tours are something I've loved doing since I was a teenager and did a few for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award when I was at boarding school. I did a few longer ones when I was young and footloose and fancy free - but then I married Jenny who's an even bigger cyclist than I am and we did one in Europe and then settled down to have our family. The trips now are shorter  but even more fulfilling.

Inspired by some excellent cycle tour sites on the net I'm putting together a little page on the tours she and I have done over the years - there'll be more than a dozen trips all up and this is a slow motion passion project - so they'll appear from time to time over a while - so please check back regularly as I add new ones.

This site is deliberately low-key but designed to be very clean and easy to read ~ but most of all I hope it inspires you to get our there and enjoy this beautiful world of ours!  Accordingly the KML files for each route are downloadable so you can put them into your GPS if you so desire.

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Scot :-)

Toowoomba - Gladstone 1985 Western Victoria 1987

Europe 1999
Lake Cressbrook 2011

Jacobs Well 2012 Coochiemudlo Island 2013

Oxley Common 2013

Tarago - Canberra 1982

NSW 1982

Toowoomba - Gladstone Dec 1985

Toowoomba - Crows Nest Dec 1986

Western Victoria Jan 1987

Europe 1999

Toowoomba- Lake Cressbrook 2011

Jacobs Well  July 2012




Coochiemudlo Island  Oct 2013


Oxley Common  Aug 2013


Rosewood - Marburg

KML Files for all routes

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