Lake Cressbrook
December 2011
Day 2

Day 2 - Approximate Distance: 55 kilometres

It was a pretty glorious morning the next day - sadly the koala had moved on so we didn't get to see him. We had muesli and sausages for breakfast and then broke camp


We stopped at Meringandan for a quick break and drink and I took this photo of an old run down shop next to the pub. I love old buildings and architecture and hope this doesn't get demolished one day

We then headed off to Crows Nest - the plan was to cycle about three quarters of the way there and then stop and camp by a creek on the way. With the weather heating up I was conscious of not making it too hard on Alex  

However my fears were soon allayed as despite some hills he was making great progress and it became clear we could easily make it to Crows Nest on the one day

I found this poor blighter on the way - a bit sad because we had pet Quarrions at home :-( Obviously a road accident

Prickly Pear was a major problem on the Darling Downs in the 1920's and 30's - I don't know how or why it ever got here but it's an introduced weed with really sharp spikes on its leaves and it infested thousands of acres of otherwise good farm land. The problem was solved when the Cactoblastis moth was introduced. It lays its eggs in the leaves and the grubs eat them out killing the plants - and only being a moth as a control agent it didn't create any problems because birds would feast on them...unlike that other highly successful control agent we had....the cane toad!  So now there are no more infestations, but you can still see the occasional Pear tree around - usually with a moth infestation in it! Funnily enough though the fruit on these trees makes fantastic jam! I did it once and it was so sweet, but even the fruit has tiny spikes on it you have to deal with before you can get the flesh out.

We cycled on to Crows Nest and made it there just after lunch. That meant Alex had done 55 kms in the one day - darn good effort for a nine year old I thought! The good thing about getting to Crows Nest was that it meant we could stay in a caravan park (which had a pool) - and we got there early enough in the day to enjoy it and some of the things around town. We set up our tent and went into town.

Crows Nest is a town of about 1500 people and it was named after Jimmy Crow - an Aboriginal man who lived in a tree hollow in the middle of what is now the town, and who used to give assistance and directions to bullock teams passing through. He's been commemorated with a statue and reconstructed tree hollow in the park in the middle of the town.

The town is also famous for its own soft drink company - which is over a hundred years old and started out making cordial and now does soft drink and syrups as well. Sadly they were shut on the day so we couldn't get the free tour (which we have subsequently) - but we managed to buy some of their wares in the local shops. As a boutique company I think they're worth supporting - but their product is lovely too!

After looking around the town - including the large antique store, we returned to the caravan park and Alex had a swim. The park is surrounded by farmland and wildlife - check out the male and female Red rumped Parrots, as well as the cormorant and super cute goats!

There were more Apostle birds around and I managed to get a little bit of footage of them before they took off - but this really doesn't do justice to how intriguing they are - they run around on the ground constantly sqauwking and  talking to each other - there really is something else going on inside their brains!

The  caravan park also had an aviary which was fun to look at

He must have had a great day because he even volunteered to do the washing up that afternoon - what!!??

And so here's his diary entry for the day

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